Here at Zamnesia, we want to make sure that you have a great trip when you go exploring the cosmos. Whether your goal is a good bar of laughter with friends or complete liberation of your mind, follow these tips!

Your first trip with mushrooms or truffles should leave a lasting impression. It should be a great adventure that is life changing, mind enriching and full of personal exploration. Doing it right the first time will ensure an enlightening, euphoric, and wonderful experience.

A good first experience with mushrooms can be a unique, life-changing experience, a good trip. But the effect can also be vicious, taking control of your world and your senses, throwing you into a terrifying and horrible world, a bad trip.

As Dr. Timothy Leary liked to say, the “set and setting” has a lot to do with which trip you go on. But there are many other factors that influence mushroom travel, such as dosage, mushroom varieties, and simply the will of your subconscious brain.

Anyone new to the world of mushrooms should first learn about them before taking them (if you’re new, good for you, it’s good to read before you go!). The more experience they gain, the more they will know how to take psilocybin mushrooms the right way, for a good, if not excellent, trip.


Well, if you’ve ever heard of the effects of acid or LSD (or if you’ve taken any), a psilo mushroom trip is pretty much the same, with a different “contour”. Part of the known facts about mushrooms is that psilocybin and psilocin, two of the psychedelic compounds found in mushrooms, are like acid confirmed as partial or total agonists for different serotonin receptors (an agonist is a compound that activates a receptor in the body, an antagonist is a compound that reverses its effects) throughout the brain and body.


By the way, there’s a legend that floats around magic mushrooms, as well as LSD: they wouldn’t cause hallucinations, they would simply distort what you perceive with your senses. This is exactly what happens with average doses of mushrooms and acid these days. But at much higher, spiritual doses, intense hallucinations will appear to both the mushroom user and the LSD user, enveloping the world around the user and losing him or her to the world of psychedelics.

With lower doses, a trip on mushrooms is like an incredibly high effect for some sativas. First, the colors of the objects become more vivid and saturated with clarity. Euphoria is felt, and laughter and giggling are caused by almost nothing. Sounds echo each other, and you are no longer sure if the original sound really existed. If you manage to eat, the tastes are vibrant and exotic, and the flavors may even change in your mouth while you eat.

But that’s just the beginning. Close your eyes and you’ll see intense, 3-dimensional, sliding and rotating geometric patterns, changing into various complex shapes. Open your eyes and, on the walls, floors and ceilings, on the rocks and furniture, you will see the patterns, all illuminated, continuing to change in their complexity.

Thoughts then come in. Many describe this as a feeling of freedom, as if the filter that divides consciousness is suddenly turned off. The streams of thought flow freely and easily, effortlessly, following their own path, sometimes splitting into two different simultaneous streams of thought before re-emerging. Close your eyes, and if the dose is correct, dreams with accents of reality unfold before your mind’s eyes, engulfing your senses and playing out the stories your subconscious mind wants to stage.

At this stage, which can be reached by someone who is not addicted to mushrooms with even a small to medium dose, some users already manage to get “a better perspective on their role in life”, or to talk with deities or entities from other dimensions or worlds.


First and foremost, each person reacts differently to different products, including magic mushrooms. That’s why it’s very important to start with small doses, test the mushrooms and their world, and judge for yourself the appropriate dose next time.

With this in mind, decide on the intensity of your first trip. Do you want to end up plunging into your subconscious brain, swimming in its various landscapes while connecting to the various senses of life; or do you just want a pleasantly relaxing mushroom effect with colorful visuals and interesting shapes? You have to dose correctly, depending on the number of trips you want to make and the dosage you want to take each time, but wait a minute, we’ll soon talk about dosage again.


Before you even begin to think about the intensity of the trip, dosages and that sort of thing, you need to create a calm and safe environment, what Timothy Leary calls “set and setting.” (Setting and setting). For most of you, that means not on the street, in a bush or in the bathroom, but in a home where you can explore the experience, walking outside if exploring the beauties of nature is your goal.

The “setting and environment” also includes your state of mind. Don’t start taking magic mushrooms the night before a job interview or exam. Don’t choose a “safe” home where someone you don’t want to tell about your mushroom use may be (or already is) present. A mixture of anxiety and boredom before a trip can quickly turn into a terrible and chaotic bad trip. Be calm, enjoy the trip with an open mind, and know that no matter what happens, everything will be fine. Really.


By the way, a travel watchman is a good way to make sure you’re really going to be okay. Find a janitor, or a sober person, who has the time and experience to take care of you, to help you with your magic mushroom experience. More often than not, users of magic mushrooms eventually find that having a guardian is very helpful, whether it is to provide cover in case of need, or to save the user from the clutches of the police or worse from physical danger. If you want to travel under mushrooms, get a travel guard.


Maybe it’s the first time you’ve had a psychedelic trip, or maybe you think the effects of your mushrooms are a little too strong. Don’t worry!

The Trip Stopper 3000 helps to reduce the effects of a bad trip and come down smoothly. If you have the Trip Stopper 3000 handy, it will make you more relaxed so you can better enjoy your mushroom trip!

  1. Take 2 white capsules (maltodextrin) to reduce the effects of your trip.
  2. Take 2 dark capsules (valerian) to relax.
  3. Eat something salty.
  4. Stay calm, breathe slowly, and know that this bad feeling will soon go away.


Once the setting and the environment are secured, you have a good period of time reserved for a mushroom trip, and you have a good travel warden by your side, it’s time to start talking about the doses.

The following doses, according to Erowid, are good guides for novice to intermediate users. More experienced users of magic mushrooms will likely have higher addiction, and can adjust the doses as needed. But, if you are experienced, you know how to judge your own body’s reactions. These doses are based on the Psilocybe Cubensis.


Erowid’s Psilocybin Mushroom Vault tells us that about a quarter gram of dried magic mushroom is a threshold dose. A threshold dose is a dose that just allows the user to feel the effects. A threshold dose of psilocybin mushrooms sometimes causes a mildly cold sensation with slightly brighter colors and lights, but nothing more.

The dosing page goes on to say that a light dose of psilocybin mushrooms ranges from a quarter of a gram, the threshold dose, to about a gram of dried mushrooms.

Some people’s eyes may dilate at this stage. Sensitive travelers will experience some of the classic nausea as the mushrooms rise. Slight visual hallucinations, more like floating distortions, may begin to appear at the corner of peripheral vision, and bright colors and bright lights take on a “starry” effect. The distinctive “mushroom aura” also appears.


An average dose, according to Erowid, is about one gram to two and a half grams. But remember, every experience with mushrooms is different for every person. Some people feel only the effects of a light dose as they lightly chew two and a half grams of mushrooms for their first take, while others go very far with the same dose, achieving a full psilocybin experience with intense visuals and swirling thoughts. The best thing to do, if you don’t know how much you want to take, is to start with one and a half grams, or even a smaller dose if you are particularly sensitive to psychedelics.

With a medium dose, the physical effects are obvious, with nausea due to the mushrooms for sensitive travelers and beginners. Pupils are noticeably dilated at this stage, and blood pressure and heart rate may increase to a safe level. Some users feel that the cooling sensation experienced with the threshold dose increases as the effects progress. Full, open-eye visuals are common at this stage and dreamlike images of mushroom trips begin to take shape.

Most people say that with an average dose, their thought patterns are different, thoughts are like “illuminated” and full of realizations about the nature of the world. At the same time, emotions are dynamic and exaggerated, intense mood swings between euphoria and dysphoria reminiscent of mood swings on LSD.


Finally, the dosages defined as “high doses” range from two and a half grams to five grams of fresh mushrooms, with an additional five grams forming a “heavy dose”. Beginners for magic mushrooms who want to experience a real complete journey from their first prose usually take about three and a half grams, and the experience can be euphoric, expanding consciousness and opening the user’s eyes.

But with such intensity, a bad trip can become, say, very bad. New users who are not used to dealing with bad trips may have a very bad time. If a beginner reaches this level of intensity, he or she has probably overdosed (overdosing, or overdose, literally means taking more than desired. An overdose does not necessarily require that someone die or be injured), and the climb up the trip will be quick and probably not very pleasant. Pupils will be round and enlarged and nausea may tear the user’s stomach, even more experienced users may have difficulty if they are not prepared for the intensity of the effects.

On the other hand, for users whose primary intention was to reach this level and who are fully prepared for the effects it causes, high doses can be extremely euphoric and can be profoundly life-changing. Psilocybin, in concentrated doses or taken in powerful magic mushrooms, can even produce an experience known as “loss of ego,” which is the loss of a sense of “self. The feeling of loss of ego is sometimes described as finding pleasure in one’s environment, being lost in the flow of travel without central desire, conflict or control. Sometimes this is called becoming one with the universe.


That’s a good question. The answer is none. You really shouldn’t buy mushrooms on a piecemeal basis, unless you’re a magic mushroom grower who buys seeds (and if you are one, why are you reading this text?). You should buy them by the gram. And if you don’t want to get ripped off, you’ll buy them from someone who weighs them in front of you, or you’ll have a scale to weigh them yourself. Either way, you should have access to a scale, if only to weigh the doses. Some people are able to measure by eye if they know the total weight.

If you only plan a few trips, you don’t need to buy more than 3 or 4 grams of dried mushrooms and you could even make do with less (as always, it all depends on the potency of the magic mushrooms provided by your source). Since this is your first trip, you probably won’t have access to people who buy mushrooms in bulk, and your connections will be limited.

Be happy if you buy 3 or 4 grams of mushrooms for 20€ to 25€ for your first purchase, or from 8€ to 10€ per gram. Regular users buy mushrooms by ten, twenty or more grams, with prices between 75€ and 150€ for 25 to 30 grams, and some regular users ask for or are offered free doses.

If you really have to judge the quality of the magic mushroom, here are the information on where to buy magic mushrooms, you can estimate that ten to fifteen mushrooms weigh about 3.5 grams. If you have time before, Google “an eighth of shrooms” (1/8th of an ounce or 3.5 grams) to get a visual idea of the quantity represented. In general, it is always better to have a scale, especially to weigh the doses. 


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