Fresh ingredients on the table, the music turned up and a glass of wine – for many, there is nothing better than cooking with friends and family. But without the right helpers, chopping, stirring and frying can be quite exhausting.

Those who want to make life in the kitchen easier should not do without these 7 practical devices. And they really aren’t expensive. You can read more home appliances reviews on TheTechyHome.

Vegetable spiral cutter

Low-carb, i.e. a low-carbohydrate diet, is all the rage. But doing without pasta completely is somehow difficult. This spiral cutter, for example for zucchini or carrots, has the solution! This makes it easy to bring the vegetables into spaghetti form.

Oil-glass pourer

In Italy they have long been standard equipment, in Germany they are still an insider tip. Practical and beautiful glass pourer for olive oil. With them, the amount of oil can not only be dosed much better, there are also no messes like with a bottle. A little tip: Order two straight away, one for the olive oil and one for the normal frying oil.

Rubber garlic peeler

Garlic is super healthy and belongs in almost every dish. Only peeling is absolutely no fun and the fingers always smell like that afterwards. Not anymore. With this practical peeler, simply place the clove of garlic in the middle of the tube, roll it back and forth briefly and voilà: the peel is off as if by magic. Our absolute favorite for little money!

Cream dispenser

Would you like to spontaneously eat a piece of cake in the afternoon? Oh no, the cream has to be whipped first. And in the end half is left and then where do you put it? With this cream dispenser all these problems are solved. Fresh cream at the push of a button, what could be better? It is best to use two cups for one filling, it really lasts forever. Can also be used for delicious chocolate or vanilla sauces.

Cooking tweezers

Yes, you read that right. Tweezers aren’t just for plucking eyebrows. In the XXL version, the cooking tweezers are the perfect all-round helper for the kitchen and especially for frying. It is really light in the hand and you can not only turn meat with it, it is also suitable for stirring, rolling up pasta and for draping decorations on the plate.

Foldable cutting board

So simple and so ingenious! After chopping, a large pile has accumulated on the board. If you want to slide it gallantly into the pan, you need this board with foldable sides.

Stylish chili grinder

And last but not least, there is something for men – and of course everyone who likes to eat spicy. Finding the right amount of chili is not that easy. Especially when many are eating, it is better to season.

This chilli mill is ideal, which is not only practical, but also a real eye-catcher. The unique stainless steel mechanism does not grind the chilli peppers, but rather cuts them so that the aroma and taste can fully develop.


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