A well-insulated cellar can become a living room in its own right. You are thinking of adding a room to your house; why not arrange your cellar? Here are 7 basement ideas to inspire you.

1. Basement bar layout

You like to receive, party and organize receptions at home … Why not create your own bar? In the basement, you can arrange your “secret room”. According to your desires, you can completely decorate the room to give it a lounge-style or on the contrary keep it as much as possible in its natural state for a “tavern” style. Check more on BELK Tile.

2. Create a basement in a games room (billiards)

Have you always dreamed of a playroom at home? Do not spend a fortune by adding an annex to your home! Use your cellar which is an already existing room. Billiards in the basement is a must if you have space and love to entertain.

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3. A wine cellar with a medieval look

Are you a lover of good wines  ? The basement is the coolest and darkest place in the house , ideal for building a wine cellar. Keep the original stones to give an authentic look to your tasting room .

4. Use the basement as a laundry room

Far from extravagant ideas, the basement can also be a storage room . Many owners who arrange their laundry in the basement, this saves space. Attention, to  arrange a laundry room in the basement , make sure you have a good ventilation system. Detergents increase the humidity in the room: air must absolutely circulate to avoid a problem of condensation.

5. A movie theater

The basement is already dark. A stretched canvas, an overhead projector, some acoustics and you have your own movie theater at home! Furnish your room with ottomans for a cozy and inexpensive atmosphere .

6. Create a studio in the basement

If you are lucky enough to have space in your cellar , why not arrange it entirely to create a complete studio . Kitchen, living room, bathroom … With a little money, you can add a home to your home or allow your teenager to have more privacy.

7. Converting your cellar into a gym

The basement can also be the ideal place to install a gym . Be careful, here too, make sure you have a good ventilation system . The body at rest is already producing moisture. With intense sports activity, the humidity in the room will increase. Remember to ventilate the room after each pass.


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